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Sri Chakra Yantra Bindu Mandala

Sri Chakra Yantra Bindu Mandala

The Bindu Mandala embodies the powerful Sri Chakra Yantra, one of the most powerful spiritual symbols in the world. Following accurate geometry, verified by distinguished Sri Vidya Upasakas and made strictly as stipulated in the Agama shastra.

  • Designed & crafted with meticulous precision on a precious crystal slab using sub-surface etching.
  • Display in your sacred space to promote and bestow balance, success, peace and happiness through health, wealth and harmony.
  • Elevate your meditation room, home altar, or office with the Sri Chakra Yantra Bindu Mandala.
  • Compact and versatile design makes it a perfect addition to any space, infusing it with sacred energy and aesthetic allure.
  • Designed to complement your spiritual journey

Dimensions - 125mm x 125mm x 12mm

Material - Crystal

Weight - 760g

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