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Our Spiritual Mentor

Vinita Rashinkar

Vinita Ji is a renowned best-selling author with 5 published books in the realm of Shakti Sadhna, encompassing topics such as Tantra, Yantra and Sri Vidya. With a profound understanding of ancient and modern healing systems alongside a dedicated spiritual practice spanning over two decades, Vinita Ji brings her knowledge and skill as a healer to guide us on our path to revolutionize wellness.

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a sustainable approach

Our Net Zero Commitments

Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing

We meticulously select partners who uphold ethical practices and prioritize fair labor conditions. We have championed local sourcing that helps bolster communities & minimize our carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainable methods safeguards ecosystems and promotes responsible resource utilization. By incorporating recycled and up-cycled materials, we contribute to a circular economy and reduce waste.

Eco-friendly Production

We implement energy-efficient technologies, reduce water consumption, and minimize emissions. By continuously optimizing our processes and using eco-friendly materials, we ensure that every product we create leaves a smaller ecological footprint.

Green Packaging, Efficient Shipping

Our dedication to sustainability extends to packaging and shipping. We utilize minimalistic, recyclable packaging materials to reduce waste. Through careful planning and optimized logistics, we minimize shipping distances, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. Our aim is to protect your products while safeguarding the planet.

Empowering Conscious Living

When you choose to purchase a Shunya product, you're choosing sustainable product utilization. Our items are designed for longevity, durability, and energy efficiency, empowering you to make environmentally responsible choices. We provide usage guidelines and tips to ensure that your products contribute to a greener lifestyle, helping you minimize your environmental impact.

Closing the Loop Responsibly

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end when a product reaches the end of its life cycle. We encourage responsible disposal through recycling and proper waste management. Many of our products are designed to be easily disassembled and recycled, closing the loop and reducing landfill waste. We try to ensure that the last stage of a product's life is just as environmentally friendly as the first.

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Conscious Collaborations

Work with us to design a bespoke wellness experience for your home, hotel, studio, office or shop. Choose from a range of offerings including space design, styling, wholesale, gifting and more.

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