Our Spiritual Mentor

Vinita Rashinkar

Vinita Rashinkar is a renowned expert healer, celebrated as a best-selling author of five acclaimed books on spirituality, a recognized media personality, and one of the foremost authorities on intuitive healing which is non-religious and non-dogmatic. With a profound understanding of ancient and modern healing systems, Vinita has dedicated herself to the pursuit of knowledge, ultimately culminating in the development of her own powerful and transformative healing technique. Drawing upon her extensive expertise, Vinita has crafted a unique modality that aims to revolutionize the field of healing.

She derives satisfaction in promoting ancient Indian forms of wellbeing such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and other related modalities. Based out of Dubai, she regularly conducts meditation programs for top executives of Fortune 500 companies in Europe and she organises wellness retreats annually in Reunion Island and Mauritius. She is also known in Russia and CIS for her talks on spirituality and esoteric Indian subjects encompassing Sri Vidya, Yantra and Chakras.


To Initiate your Sri Vidya Journey with Vinita Ji

Write to her at : vinitarashinkar@gmail.com