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Meditation Weighted Eye Pillow

Meditation Weighted Eye Pillow

The perfect companion for lying meditation sessions. Designed to enhance your practice, & offer a luxurious sensory experience, combining the benefits of gentle weight & soothing aromatherapy. Filled with flaxseed & infused with a hint of lavender, providing a calming & grounding sensation, helping you unwind.

Perfect for guided group meditations, sound experiences, or solo sessions. Available and natural beige and earthy black.
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Materials & Dimensions

Dimensions : 21x11x2cm | Weight : 220g | Material : Linen

Use & Care

Start by gently fluffing the pillow before your first use to ensure even distribution of the filling. During meditation, simply place the pillow over your eyes while lying down or reclining to enjoy its soothing effects. Position it comfortably to cover both eyes allowing the gentle pressure and subtle weight to provide a comforting sensory experience, while the lavender filling promotes relaxation and aromatic benefits. In case of spills, spot clean the fabric with a damp cloth and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use to maintain its freshness. Consider adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to refresh the scent.


Gentle pressure & weight helps soothe tired eyes & tension in the facial muscles. Blocks out external light creating a dark, serene environment that encourages deep relaxation & inner focus. The Lavender Aroma provides a calming scent further enhancing relaxation. Incorporate an eye pillow into your meditation practice to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness.

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