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Vajra Meditation Bench

Vajra Meditation Bench

Designed to simplify sitting in the traditional Vajrasana or seiza posture, the Vajra Meditation Bench provides an ergonomic, spine-aligning solution that reduces strain on your knees & back while sitting in the Vajrasana. Ideal for those facing discomfort with cross-legged sitting.

It blends beautifully in any wellness space be it at home, studio, workplace, or retreat. Enhance your mindfulness journey buy investing in the right tools & accessories designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of this sacred lifestyle. Pair it with our meditation mat to complete your seated meditation set.

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Materials & Dimensions

Dimension : 18.5x8.5x9.5inch | Materials : Teak Wood | Weight : 2.5kg

Use & Care

Position the Vajra bench on a stable surface to provide a secure foundation for your meditation practice. Sit on the bench in the seiza/vajrasana pose with a relaxed yet upright posture, allowing your spine to align naturally for enhanced comfort and focus. Consider pairing it with our meditation mat for added padding & support for your knees and ankles. Transition on and off the bench mindfully to maintain a sense of calm throughout your practice, adjusting its position to suit your individual comfort. To preserve the bench's quality, store it in a dry, cool environment, avoiding direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Clean the bench with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust, avoiding harsh chemicals that may damage the wood's finish.


The wide seat at the subtle angle tilts your hips forward, fostering a supportive posture that allows for natural lower back curve and spine stability. Reduces strain on the lower back. Easily sit in Vajrasana for longer durations without any fatigue or discomfort. Invest in a dedicated meditation seat for greater commitment to the practice

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