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Trataka Meditation Candle Stand (floor)

Trataka Meditation Candle Stand (floor)

Designed to aid the sacred practice of Trataka Meditation. Rooted in ancient texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is a focused meditation practice that helps enhance concentration & inner awareness. It involves gazing steadily at a chosen point, often a candle flame, fostering a gradual shift from external to internal focus.

Enhance your mindfulness journey by investing in the right tools & accessories designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of this sacred lifestyle. Pair it with any of our seated meditation sets to create a sacred space for yourself

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Materials & Dimensions

Dimensions : Ø4x30inch | Weight : 1kg | Material : Solid Wood

Use & Care

Position your Trataka Stand on a level floor, away from flammable objects, ensuring a safe environment for your practice. Place a 1.5" tealight candle in the copper holder, ensuring it's centered to prevent accidents. Sit in your chosen pose, placing the stand in front of you with the candle wick at eye level. Gently ignite the candle when ready, focusing your gaze inward as you prepare your mind for meditation. Use the stand as a decor piece in your wellness space when not meditating. After each use, make sure the candle is fully extinguished. Periodically wipe the stand with a damp cloth to maintain its quality. Store the stand in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to preserve its condition.


Trataka cultivates intense concentration and mental focus, sharpening cognitive abilities and improving productivity. This heightened awareness also serves to alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting a profound sense of relaxation and emotional balance. Regular practice of Trataka is believed to enhance eyesight and eye health, while simultaneously fostering self-awareness and intuition. As the mind becomes attuned to the present moment, practitioners often experience a deepening connection with their inner selves, facilitating personal growth and spiritual exploration.

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