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Nadis Chakra Clipper Bookmark Flat

Nadis Chakra Clipper Bookmark Flat

Complement your spiritual readings with the Nadis Chakra Bookmarks. Inspired by the 7 chakras or energy dimensions present in the human body. Crafted with precision and care, these tangible page holders also serve as elegant gateways to balance, peace & harmony for the mind, body & soul.

Each chakra symbol is available in 4 different bookmark designs and 3 precious finishes to choose from.
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Materials & Dimensions

Dimension : 100x30x0.5mm | Weight : 5g | Material : Plated Steel

Use & Care

Delicately place the bookmark between the pages of your book, allowing the sacred symbols to serve as a gentle reminder of intention and focus. Avoid excessive force, clean with a soft, dry cloth if needed, and store in a dedicated space that aligns with your mindfulness practices. Also consider sharing the positive energy by gifting them to fellow readers. Pause to appreciate the symbolic energy the Nadis Bookmarks bring to your reading sessions. Trust the journey and allow the Nadis bookmarks to be both functional and spiritual companions on your literary exploration.


Nadis Chakra Bookmarks seamlessly blend practicality with spiritual enrichment. Each design, representing one of the seven chakras, brings a unique set of energies to your reading rituals. Invite a moment of mindfulness and balance into your daily readings, enhancing your overall experience. As a personal accessory or a thoughtful gift, the Chakra Bookmarks serve as symbolic reminders, fostering a sense of harmony and positive energy.

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