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  • Maha Meru Prithvi Mandala
  • Maha Meru Prithvi Mandala
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Maha Meru Prithvi Mandala

Maha Meru is the three-dimensional form of the Sri Chakra Yantra; one of the most powerful spiritual symbols in the world made up of complex sacred geometry. The Meru represents all of the secrets and mysteries of the universe. The progression up the ‘steps’ or phases of the Meru, represents the stages towards enlightenment. Following accurate geometry, verified by distinguished Sri Vidya upasakas and made strictly as stipulated in the Agama shastra, this piece is a beautiful addition to your wellness space.


A Yantra is a device used for Spiritual Advancement. Used for worship, devotion, and as a tool for meditation; Yantras have been in practice since 3300 B.C. Placing a Yantra in your home or meditating on it helps attract positivity, prosperity and other powerful cosmic energies.

Dimensions - 60mm x 60mm x 60mm

Material - Crystal

Weight - 536g

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