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Shunya Meditation Mat (welted)

Shunya Meditation Mat (welted)

Crafted with intention, the Shunya Meditation Mat helps you create a dedicated wellness space for yourself. Once placed in a designated corner at your home, studio or office; use this sacred place regularly to help build a routine that strengthens your commitment to meditation.

It blends beautifully in any wellness space be it at home, studio, workplace, or retreat. Enhance your mindfulness journey by investing in the right tools & accessories designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of this sacred lifestyle. Pair it with our meditation cushions or vajra bench to complete your seated meditation set.

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Materials & Dimensions

Dimension : 30x30x1.5" | Materials : natural linen over medium density foam | Weight :

Use & Care

Position the Mat on a level & stable surface before use, providing a secure foundation for your practice. If using the mat individually, start your practice by sitting in the center, ideally in the lotus pose. Consider pairing your mat with our meditation cushion or vajra bench to maximize comfort. Gently transition on & off the mat while mantaining a sense of calm & focus during your practice. Maintain the mat's quality by storing it in a dry, cool place. In case of spills or minor stains, spot clean the linen cover with a damp cloth. Avoid saturating the fabric, and let it air dry completely before using again.


Improved comfort & balance during seated meditations. The circular design naturally draws focus inward, encouraging a sense of centering & grounding. The mat's padding minimizes discomfort, allowing you to extend your sessions and delve deeper into your meditation journey with ease. Pair it with our meditation cushions or vajra bench to create a holistic seating solution for your daily practice.

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