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Sri Vidya

Sri Vidya

Sri Vidya is an ancient, systematic study that helps bring about the unfoldment of shakti – the inherent power which lies dormant at the core of our being, holding the key to both worldly and spiritual success. The Sri Vidya tradition aims to awaken this power by combining elements of knowledge, devotion and ritual. In the Tantra tradition, the pursuit of enlightenment through Srividya practice is considered the pinnacle of human achievement.

Spiritual practice in Hinduism aims at seeking freedom from suffering and entails some degree of withdrawal from the material world. Sri Vidya, on the other hand offers the promise of both worldly pleasures and material gain (which means it can be practiced alongside a modern-day lifestyle) while keeping eternal solace /liberation as its ultimate goal. This book is directed at a general, curious and informed reader, not an academic or advanced Sri Vidya scholar.
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